A downloadable game for Windows

here it is. after a hectic weekend i have finished what i could.

there was more planned and alot was cut.

for people who cant play but still want to see

heres a playthrough:https://youtu.be/QOIoYR67z80

there was to be a longer level. 

a gun and obsticals to shoot and break

and a proper ending.

you will have to forgive me i spend half my time with my girlfriend and her family.

her grandmother is passing away and that was more importain. 

so please enjoy the halfa**ed game if you have an oculus. 

im really sorry vibe user. i cant test controls. good luck. ill fix later after some research

if your in the game jam and cant play because you dont own a vr set. ill record myself playing it and upload it soon.

Install instructions

just unzip and play. no install. make sure oculus is running.


gate prototype.rar 416 MB

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